What a great time to share with the world a struggle faced in this world crisis. We also are using this time as a channel announcement of a new series for Louiantor59.


In this episode Lou Austad speaks on Nation Emergency and the importance of public perception in all areas of society Next we travel to Signal Hill California to look One Last Time as we say goodby to Signal Hill California.

Los Angeles’ Petersen Automotive Museum hosted the “Bruce Meyer’s All-American Cruise-in” with special programming celebrating Carroll Shelby. American automotive museums have come and gone, but until publishing magnate and philanthropist Robert E. Petersen and his wife Margie opened the Petersen Automotive Museum, there was no central location in which to celebrate the entirety of automotive history, industry, culture and artistry in Los Angeles, the most car-centric city the world has yet known.

Tammy got Louie an annual pass to the Peterson Automotive Museum so we travel to Los Angeles the Movie Cars exhibit from Transformers, Batman, Star wars, Minority Report, Mad Max, and more. The Peterson Automotive Museum always got the best in collectibles & memorabilia with regards to the vehicles & man's endeavor for power & speed.... Visiting Langer's Delicatessen we get to chat with Norm Langer just before we ate the best pastrami I have ever had. Founded in 1947, Langer’s Delicatessen and Restaurant has served generations of patrons.


It was the perfect place with the perfect people. The Anaheim convention center was loaded up with people for this great show of reptile love. There were snakes, turtles, spiders, iguanas, and reptiles of all breeds and color. The color of the Blue Chameleons are striking. They will call to me saying "Take me home!" I left wanting a chameleon and a tarantula. It was an eye opening experience which I am so glad we attended. You can find Reptile Super Show traveling around the United States and we both make this a must go Super Show.

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