Two great announcements Laguna Beach is open and Gavin New_som is making an gestapo army of people to fight Corona Virus. Well, 1 wasn't true, the other is real.


We are so sick of American Civil Liberty being trashed by authoritarians. We went the distance. We did everything by the book, but the book is not always right. Tammy and Louie both understand the importance of protecting life. 

This was a great day, but a sad day. After filming this video I received the information about the loss about Kobe Bryant. All I can offer is a story and it's a great story.....


Frank & Sons is a one stop shop for all your collectible needs. For that one special piece to start or finish your collection they the finest vendors with the hottest and most unique collectibles under one roof.

Tammy got Louie an annual pass to the Peterson Automotive Museum so we travel to Los Angeles the Movie Cars exhibit from Transformers, Batman, Star wars, Minority Report, Mad Max, and more. The Peterson Automotive Museum always got the best in collectibles & memorabilia with regards to the vehicles & man's endeavor for power & speed.... Visiting Langer's Delicatessen we get to chat with Norm Langer just before we ate the best pastrami I have ever had. Founded in 1947, Langer’s Delicatessen and Restaurant has served generations of patrons.


It was the perfect place with the perfect people. The Anaheim convention center was loaded up with people for this great show of reptile love. There were snakes, turtles, spiders, iguanas, and reptiles of all breeds and color. The color of the Blue Chameleons are striking. They will call to me saying "Take me home!" I left wanting a chameleon and a tarantula. It was an eye opening experience which I am so glad we attended. You can find Reptile Super Show traveling around the United States and we both make this a must go Super Show.

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