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Knott's Berry Farm Week


The videos in this playlist will give you a pretty good look at Knott's Berry Farm as an Historic Place. Knott's Berry Farm is America's 1st Amusment park and a worthy place to vacation.

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Isn't it amazing how life is full of animal encounters. That has to be celebrated so I keep adding to this playlist and God's wonderful creature show up around us.

Zoo & Animal Videos

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All Food Related Videos

It is just an everyday part of life and one to celebrate. We try to pull in as many videos that featured food as we do. You may want to fast forward to the food parts if you are a hardcore foodie.

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Videos with Roadside Rick

Roadside Rick became a close friend of mine when we socialized on the Beme Platform. Then he came to visit us in California and the mesh was instant. We call each other family. What an everlasting friendship we have. Enjoy this playlist... It's a fun one.

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What a wonderful state, we have just begun to explore. We took the second visit and decided we love PA. So this playlist will expand in time. So come see why we love Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Travel Videos

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