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Be a Good Human.

If you can't be good, be better. 

if you can't be better, try harder.


Louinator59's mission is to share uplifting and engaging travel videos with viewers on many social media platforms. We highlighting great vacation sites that many people will one day visit. We focus on the location, the food, the accommodations, and the attractions.


Yes, it is time to consider having us come and highlight your business, opening, or travel destination. We present viewers with honest opinion from a personal point of view with great emphasis on video presentation, clarity of intent and branding.

Louie and Tammy are Louinator59 and the show has occasional guests. Louie worked for ExxonMobil Corp. as a traveling regulatory and safety professional. Tammy worked as a leading trainer for Darden & Landry’s restaurants. These two also worked for Dorel Marketing providing major restaurant chains with written form critiques on service, food, cleanliness, and appropriate branding for Del Taco, Naugle’s, KFC, Polly’s Pie, and Loves restaurants throughout So Cal. This provides us with a large advantage when reviewing a hotel, restaurant, location, or service; always using discretion in presentation.


Retirement living at a young age is the best time of life to live without burdensome obligations. Therefore, we are ready to travel to your location anywhere in the United States. Some of our favorite states have been Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, New York, and Virginia. Those are just the favorites and so if you are in the need of promotional video for your business, we are ready.